New Video

Last March we asked Halo Media Productions to shoot a live-session at a beautiful location in the south of Holland. Frank Kuijpers let us use his magnificent castle farm and with the help of sound-engineer extraordinaire Niels Koster we captured a couple of tunes of mine in this beautiful environment.

Upcoming Shows

Date Place Description
Nov 21 19:30 Blerick, Scelta Kitchen Club with Bo Saris, Sjuulke Titulaer and Kristel Roulaux
Nov 26 19:30 Quito, Ecuador, Casa de la Musica with Eva Traa and Johannes Traa
Dec 13 12:00 Radio Maasland solo set
Jan 3 14:00 Venray, Theatercafé de Artiest with Jelske Wilmer
Mar 6 16:00 Horst, Cambrinus Full band concert
Mar 25 20:00 Den Haag, Regentenkamer Session with Simone Pormes